Monday, 13 April 2015

Exodus - Movement of the people

Over the years we have commented on the movement of senior managers in and out of CSC noting that many jump because of ‘personal reasons’ and that others leave for undisclosed reasons. In fact looking back over the posts on this subject there are no less than a dozen on this subject. These are listed below for those interested. There might seem to be a lot of posts on just one subject but we do not apologise for  this as hiring, developing, and retaining the right management team is probably the most crucial aspect of success for any company, and CSC seems to be institutionally very bad at it.

So what has been going on?

In looking back we see four main phases associated with management turnover.

Phase 1 – Exodus 1

started in about 2006 with virtually every European country’s finance leader bailing out along with most of the management teams of the specialized divisions like GIS and EBD, or indeed some country leads themselves.

Phase 2 began after it was obvious to everyone that CSC was failing and on the decline. Mike Lawrie was brought in and he quickly removed most of Laphen’s underperforming management team, while starting mass firings amongst the workforce. 

Also, during this time it looked like mercenaries were brought in with the promise of lavish bonuses if their division met targets – whatever they were – we assume the targets were basically to follow a scorched earth policy. Once paid out these mercenaries were obviously going to leave, which is itself no recipe for long term success of any company.
Yet it seems that even the mercenaries on significant reward promises were dissatisfied with the regime as many have left of their own volition.

This morphed into Phase 3. The Henchman/Crony Phase.

But that didn't last long; as it seems to have met with little success; with the new management cronies leaving along with yet more staff churn throughout the company including Senior HR people going. All resulting in poor morale and a subsequent loss of direction with confusion all round.

Now after a lack of sales (although one small deal has been announced this month), cuts and more cuts, and a continuing shrinking company it seems that;

Phase 4. It Is Exodus All Over Again.

Where does this leave the CSC stockholders, the employees, and any potential sale of the company? Still in the Sinai Desert or The Holy Land where Milk (mega-bonuses for the few) and Honey (big share buy outs for the few) flow.

As the poet once sang:-
Open your eyes and look within:
Are you satisfied (with the life you're living)?
We know where we're going,
We know where we're from.
We're leaving Babylon,
We're going to our Father land.

Exodus, all right! Movement of Jah people!
Exodus: movement of Jah people!

Credit to Bob Marley for the song.

The following links run from 2009 to the current day. In that time nothing much has changed, except the leader becoming richer than ever and the company getting smaller - albeit returning to profit - a much smaller one..