Thursday, 8 May 2014

Why the simplified bell curve for staff performance

Classic Bell Curve

The result


Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually been given a grading and are you aware of anyone if your team that has been given what you perceive as a shit rating to make the gradings hit this stupid curve?

I've not seen anyone with a grading number yet - of course that might be because unions and works councils are not allowing it to happen in my part of the world.

Or of course it could just be that my management are incompetent.... actually, thinking about it....

Anonymous said...

hmmm I was given one good grading by my manager and then it was marked down from above. He had to follow orders - I believe I was a down graded because of this bell curve. Worse thing is that I couldnt do anything about the matter. Stupid bloody system.

Anonymous said...

Some of my colleagues are quite fortunate that they have the European Works Council protections in place. I know the WC has caused some great consternation in management circles because, quite frankly, management can't find an efficient way to bypass it.

In the U.S. they have a bit more freedom to do as they please, and I do know of cases, as 13:41 has experienced, that people have their ratings downgraded just to hit quotas. And I can confirm that first line managers don't have the final say, and that directives come from on high to lower the ratings of employees.

Really creates an easy environment for petty retribution and favoritism, which has nothing to do with how good an employee may be.

Anonymous said...

Look. The Bell Curve has been applied, and applied with rigour. The interesting thing as that those who have (some) TQM background understand that to improve, first you must measure. If CSC was taking a true "bell curve" approach (reasonably) they would measure the results, and the adjust the goals to fit... instead, our learned mgt is just applying the graph. Further to that, certain business areas have been told that there are "too many" people getting a pay rise, based on the "have they got critical skills test' - which - by the way, are yet to be defined. So... there are too many people with critical skills to CSC... oh shit.... let's not pay them and have less people with critical skills (but be cheaper with less knowledge).... Gee thats a business model.
Basically this is a further step in Uncle Mike's approach of cost take-out, to bolster his bonus and encourage mediocre performance.... sorry reward exceptional performance.. just sell it, if we can't deliver - that's your problem... I got my sales bonus, trip to the Bahamas, Mac, gentle rub from Mikey... you just suck up your inflation absorbed non-payrise and deliver for my sake... Gee - that HCL preso at the Sales Conference was food for thought... NOT!!!!! . Long live CSC

Anonymous said...

All appraising managers are told not to give grade at end of appraisal. This makes it easier to then action bell curve.

Eg. You get told end of appraisal got a 2 rating. Team and up to department level do not mean curve so you may get bumped to a 3. Easier to say final rating was a 3 rather than changed from a 2.

That is why people do not get grades until appraisals all done at CSC and bell curve met.

Also..if your appraisal is written as 1 or 2 or 3 and then bumped. Good grounds to appeal

Factor in grades do factor payrises and last 2 years grades go into redundancy calculation against peers.. feel been ripped off.. appeal!!

Anonymous said...

You can appeal.

Anonymous said...

Classic manager line... sorry..had no choice..decision made from above.. feel sorry for.. ok boss.. thanks for trying.. SUCKER!! You have fallen for it..

Anonymous said...

What is the process to appeal?

Anonymous said...

Here's a good one. I'm an 18-year employee and was one of the "lucky" ones to get a "1-exceeds expectations" reviews. Great, right?

Four weeks later, my boss (new management) comes into my office and closes the door. Starts handing me a piece of paper. I'm thinking he's going to tell me what my measly raise will be.

Surprise!! He's handing me an "interim" review saying my performance is unacceptable and is terminating me for cause. This is out of the blue, 4 weeks after my "1" rating. Wondeful treatment, right?