Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Night To Remember

One of our commentators has reported that Mike Lawrie CEO of CSC has compared CSC to sailing on the Titanic. This post takes its title from the first feature film about that tragic night of the sinking of The Titanic.

The captain of The Titanic was Edward Smith, a very experienced sailor and sea captain of ocean going liners. He was known as the Millionaires Captain because he seen as a someone to trust your life with, resulting in many millionaires choosing his voyages when crossing the Atlantic.  It was for this reason that he was chosen by the White Star Line to captain the maiden voyage of the largest most modern and best equipped ship of the age, The Titanic. We assume that Mike Lawrie must be the Millionaires CEO since he is obviously seen by the millionaires on company boards as a safe pair of hands for dealing with ailing companies.  Hence he is now leading CSC with a view to sailing it to a 'safe harbour' as it were.

But note: The Titanic sank because Captain Edward Smith ignored all safety warnings about large icebergs being on his chosen route to New York. He was in bed when disaster struck. It was not because the ship was faulty or the crew was useless they did what they were told to do. The captain alone was at fault and as a result 1,571 people lost their lives and a legend was born. CSC is certainly in need of care and attention and has, or had, many successful accounts delivering good profitable revenues. However, under Mr Lawrie’s tenure CSC revenues have shrunk, staff morale is awful, layoffs continue, and clients are leaving, as the company speeds ahead into dangerous waters. Will the captain change the route based on all the information given? We doubt it.

At the end of The Night To Remember, when Captain Smith saw all was lost he gallantly did the right thing and went down with his ship. He knew there was no one to blame but himself. We doubt that Captain Lawrie will be going down with SS CSC; he has his own lifeboat in the shape of multi-million dollar bonuses and performance rewards to sustain him.

What about the passengers and crew of CSC, Is it every man for himself?  Cue song


Anonymous said...

Do you suppose that Captain Edward Smith would have sold off the lifeboats, good china, and propellers if the White Star line gave him a financial incentive to do so?

Anonymous said...

While Lawrie's sycophants re-arrange the deckchairs?

Anonymous said...

The short answer is that Captain Lawrie isn't even on the ship - he's hovering in a helicopter above the chaos stirring the pot, killing time waiting for his next bonus. By his actions, words, and deeds it's obvious that Lawrie's only goal is to artificially drive up the stock price by any means necessary (e.g. massive layoffs, mortgaging CSC' future by screwing current customers with actions that only show up later) in an attempt to most likely sell off bits and pieces at a price point that assures his maximum bonus before he bails out. What is left behind after all the institutional investors reap their false reward won't be worth salvaging.

And as for those poor lost souls who go down with the ship, or have already been cast overboard after decades of faithful service . . . too bad, it's "just business", right?