Sunday, 4 August 2013

IT giant wants to suck brains amid 750 layoffs

That's the headline from Channel Register in a post that discusses how CSC in the UK is treating its staff. 

In an interesting and somewhat strange development in the handling of lay-offs CSC is selecting some people (to be known as "trusties" by their colleagues) to stay with the company to train on their successors for which they will be rewarded in some way before they are terminated. We are not sufficiently educated on UK employment law to judge whether or not what CSC is proposing to do is illegal. If it were illegal one would expect the trade unions to go to court with it. But it certainly seems 'near-the-edge', or bluntly speaking cruel in terms of people management. Perhaps CSC is so desperate it does not care what employees think, nor what prospective outsourcing customers think if that is how employees are to be treated.

Will CSC employees in France, Germany, Denmark, and Holland be treated in a similar manner? Who knows.

See more at the Channel Register here

Some 750 staff in the UK have been threatened with redundancy under the IT giant's global workforce shakeup, and roughly 200 roles will be moved offshore.
CSC - perhaps best known for its part in the NHS's patient records database fiasco - claimed it will "compensate" staff who share their knowhow with employees beyond Blighty's shores. But trade union Unite wants a better payoff package on the table.
"Workers who are paying the ultimate price of their jobs, will be expected to help make themselves redundant by training others," said Ian Tonks, a Unite national officer.
Describing the request to drill off-shore workers as an "indignity", he added: "This is totally unacceptable and the union is demanding that CSC negotiates a proper package for workers that recognises their contribution and loyalty. The company must also do everything to keep compulsory redundancies to an absolute minimum."


Anonymous said...

rumour in asia is a chinese competitor has made an offer to buy cdc - anyone with more info?

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to believe that CSC could be acquired by a Chinese company with over 1/3rd of CSC's business being with the US Government. European and US commercial clients would also object to having a Chinese company able to look into their business via the Managed Service sector.

Anonymous said...

CSC UK - when is the board getting the cut? HR - FARCE!

Unions week.

Morale - does not exist.

Most people TUPEd in under new business, never wanted to work for CSC and wonder why.

Warning to ALL - if your company looking to outsource to CSC - fight it all the way!!! Read The Register on the company... one load of crap to another load of crap...

Anonymous said...

CSC will be adquired by the DoD. As a matter of fact it's its only real customer.

Anonymous said...

CSC is laying off in droves, particularly in UK, and then, bizarrely, I see high paying Bid Manager jobs advertised on recruitment sites (£65-70k). Given the quality of most of the staff whom I know have left, why couldn't CSC have invested a small amount in cross-training, and move some of the good staff at risk into new roles?

The attitude to people's livelyhood is appalling.
CSC have TUPEd thousands from poorly judged and badly written bids/contracts, many after woefully inadequate DD. Then execs have executed with only one thing in mind "the next quarter's profit", cutting corners to make better numbers, and then wonder why contracts fall apart.

Subsequently, aside from being transferred with little care or cross-training, staff are then blamed for the contracts' failure, so CSC fires at will, leaving devastation in it's wake.

Someone, please, take this joke of a company to an employment tribunal.

Anonymous said...

It now appears they are recruiting for project managers & programme execs. The latter into 6 figure salaries.

I wonder how many of those laid off recently could have been put through training or at the very least given the opportunity to undertake a aptitude test to see if they'd have the natural tendencies to be a good PM.