Thursday, 16 May 2013

Disappearances and new appearances

Has another CSC top executive disappeared? And is it because of CSC’s Q4 FY13 sales performance?

Just a month ago, Peter Allen, Executive Vice President for Global Sales & Marketing was hosting CSC’Global Sales Conference (GSC) in Dallas, Texas. Summaries of the conference are publicly available on:

But curiously, Peter Allen seems to have disappeared in the past 30 days. The CSC website showsthat the current EVP for Global Sales and Marketing and for Regional Operations is a certain John P Maguire.

So what has happened to Peter Allen? It is hard to know, as there has been no announcement of his leaving.  And who is John P Maguire? Hard to know, as there does not seem to be any public announcement of his arrival.

Peter Allen has been leading CSC’s efforts to re-focus its sales force over the past 12 months. It seems unusual to change leaders at this crucial stage in the company’s change program. It is also almost embarrassing to put up on YouTube several videos of the GSC led by an executive who left the company within 30 days.

Maybe Peter Allen resigned of his own volition.  Maybe.

Alternately, was CSC’s Q4 FY13 revenue shortfall a much bigger shock and disappointment within CSC than Mike Lawrie intimated during the May 15 Analyst Conference? And has Peter Allen disappeared because of that?


Anonymous said...

lack of announcements? not quite true

internal email from peter allen announcing leaving csc early may 2013

also early may, email from mike lawrie announcing john p maguire

Busy Bee said...

To Anonymous, author of comment 1:

Thanks for setting the record straight on the Allen and Maguire announcements.

It is curious that CSC made official press release announcements in the past few months regarding appointments for Head of Asia, Chief Technology Officer, Head of India and the CIO.

But there has been no press release for the arrival of the new EVP of Golbal Sales and Marketing and Regional Operations, which seems a more critical position to CSC than any of those mentioned above. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

peter left a nice message on his blog stating that his departure was not expected by himself
clearly ml is bringing on his own mates for all senior roles

Anonymous said...

THB SAME INITIALS (ML) it will be hard t see who signed off what in the future ?

And as fr the whole exec leadership team being granted shares for failure (again). To a casual observer all allocated shares all sold at least a third or half , in the majority of cases more than most employees earn in a year. All shares should have to kept FOR a minimum of two years to establish stability and confidence in the company. Case in point share price circa $49 , after earnings call $44 ish. HELLO analysts are not stupid !

CSC leaders wake up and smell the coffee.

This just looks like a repeat of the Laphen days , (see statement at top of post re initials)

Anonymous said...

John Maguire is a former Accenture Sales head...and most recently from HP. Gary Budzinski is also former HP. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Another ex-HP coincidence ...

Anonymous said...

Since begin of June 2013, CSC Germany and EMEA has a new CEO who follows Gerhard Fercho. Claus Schünemann, a long time buddy of Mr. Lawrie.

Alton said...

This is cool!