Thursday, 11 April 2013

For Mr. lawrie and his management team

Judging by all the comments being posted the Lawrie restructuring of CSC is not going well. 

Perhaps he has missed one of the key points of business which is to motivate the people. Here is one view on how it might be done.


Anonymous said...

Motivation is a behaviour that is stimulated in two ways - attraction (the carrot) & fear (the stick).

Different people respond to the attraction & fear to different degrees, so that some people get motivated purely by attraction to the end result. Others purely from fear of failure. In most cases, though, a balance of the two is effective.

Additionally, inidividual values also have a part to play. These are the things which we've develop as part of our personality & thought process throughout our live, and whilst they occasionally change, most of them exist from childhood.

Examples include:


and the list could go on.

Get an employer that fails to meet the most common of values for their employees, and motivation will steadily fall in proportion to the work-forces collective "resilience".

Negative culture & low morale will result.

Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

You make the assumption that Mr Lawrie is interested in having motivated employees.

I would contest the validity of that assumption.

He is only interested in how much money he can make in the shortest time. That will come from selling off CSC, not by rebuilding it with motivated employees.

Busy Bee said...

All students of people management should read 'The Craftsman' by Richard Sennett and pay attention to chapter 'Troubled Craftsmen'. That explains how the business world is changing to the detriment of skilled middle ranking people. In fact those people should read this book so they can learn what they can do about their predicament.
For reference it is published by Yale University Press and Penguin.
Here is a link to his web site.
Also this review link