Thursday, 28 February 2013

CSC Loses Yet Another Top Executive

CSC Europe parts company with another top executive!

CSC today issued the expected announcement that Claude Czechowski, Head of South and West Europe, “has decided to leave the company”.

We are not surprised by the news. We had heard that Mr Czechowski and CSC’s Corporate management were increasingly in disagreement over the company’s direction.

Now comes the hard part for CSC, finding an appropriate successor, with particular emphasis on CSC’s operations in France.

Mr Czechowski developed relationships with many of France’s business leaders and has given CSC high visibility and a positive image in the country.  Additionally, CSC seems to have avoided the financial problems which have beset many US multinationals’ French operations.

Understanding the French business environment and culture is a pre-requisite for success there. Many foreign companies send in a “trusted” expatriate who does not understand the country, then wonder why operating performance has started deteriorating.

We must hope CSC find that very rare animal, a top executive who can operate effectively within the framework of a large US Corporation and who can also be successful running a business in France.


Anonymous said...

Yet again CSC has issued a misleading statement, or is it lie, about its people. Czechoski was fired he was not on sick leave.
Seems the new management led by Lawrie and Hogan cannot talk straight. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Claude Czechowski would never support and implement CSC’s new global operating model after years of being allowed to run CSC France as if it was his own independent consulting house. Being an integrated part of CSC was non-negotiable for Mike Lawrie. Unlike previous CSC Presidents, he was prepared to back these words with actions and terminated Czechowski.

CSC is now looking for his replacement. They are unlikely to find one internally in CSC France. The management team is weak as its members were selected based on loyalty to and willingness to agree with, Claude Czechowski. For that reason, strong managers tended not to stay very long at CSC France.

CSC has made a big mistake terminating Czechowski as it did.

CSC France is a consulting operation, with only a couple of major outsource accounts. It does little or nothing to improve or leverage CSC’s presence within its target Global 1000 accounts.

But for all that, Czechowski built up a team of high-class business and technology consultants, gave CSC France a visible presence in the country and avoided the big financial losses which afflict so many multinationals’ French operations.

Without Czechowski, the good case scenario for CSC France's future will be to limit business decline and not to take up too much CSC Corporate management attention. The bad case scenario is the loss of the best consultants, business decline and increasing unsustainable financial difficulties. In other words, the best CSC can hope for is just to avoid big problems in what is now a non-core business to them.

CSC should have sold CSC France with Czechowski at its helm. It would have made money to invest in core activities and removed the risk of an unsustainable financial situation.

CSC has just made that impossible or at least much harder to do by terminating Czechowski. I predict they will soon regret acting so hastily.

Anonymous said...

The first comment is bang on the money. For anyone that has recently undertaken the CSC Corporate Ethics training, they will have sat through an introduction from Mike Lawrie.

And just HOW revealing that introduction was, I was not prepared for. Put it in front of any qualified psychology professional & I am certain they would draw the same conclusion I did.

There are lots of giveaways in his mannerisms that at key points he was being less than truthful.

Added to that, I hear now that key parts of the business have now shutdown discretionary award schemes. What message is this sending?

Are things so bad that the tiny budgets allocated to these are now being cut instead of reducing major fixed costs like fancy HQ buildings?

Or does the executive management now not care whether or not there is a reward for hard work & dedication?

A little considered thought & the picture becomes very clear:

Cutting major fixed costs takes a longer time to return savings, due to project & labour overheads & contract terms, whereas cutting staff related costs has a very quick return on investment.

The goose is no longer laying golden eggs, so she is being fattened up for Christmas.

The big question is, WHO exactly is going to buy a goose that is unable to lay golden eggs?

Anonymous said...

This is correct, Czechowski has been fired at the end while he was still eating on CSC using unacceptable privilege and trying hard to stay on board.
We should look at recent last year(s) where Czechowski, as a dictator fired each time very high skilled professionnals bringing by their own effort innovative profitable high value sustainable business to CSC, matching CSC corporation framework and goals ! just think of some of the outsourcing managed service huge opportunities and you will find out. Of course Czechowski kept those deals by using other business developer to do some kind of closing according his own "regional" terms and conditions, and these guys all together shared the big bonus under Czechowski umbrella !
Now, you can understand that if Czechowski is now out, his first supporters (very high salary, very low contribution to CSC) circle is still in house with the same mindset and organizing the resistance....Here Mike Lawrie must take the call very quickly to do the appropriate "cleaning" avoiding the failure of all his efforts.

Anonymous said...

The deputy general manager (M.Bensoussan) in charge of setting up the new organisation is reinforcing the fence with his own first circle of high salaries and low contributions. At the same time, he is working on getting rid of those (high profiles)who are not part of clan.

Anonymous said...

C Czechowski has been at last taken care of! But beware M. Ben Soussan is worse than Czechowski! He cannot be trusted, is very clan oriented and a very poor manager. No talent and a major big ego

Anonymous said...

I agree. Bensoussan is worse than Czechowski. At least Czechowski is proactive and has demonstrated business development capabilities.
Bensoussan doesn't believe in the new CSC model and will try to maintain his own organisation and way of working behind a fake official organisation...

Anonymous said...

I've been told that Bensoussan is about to leave CSC