Sunday, 17 February 2013

A real or a diplomatic illness at CSC ???

CSC has issued an unusual announcement regarding Claude Czechowski, Regional VP of South and West Europe, which includes France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.  Here it is:

“Claude Czechowski is currently on sick leave and is not expected to return until February 25. Lem Lasher has been appointed as CSC’s Corporate Representative to help manage the business while Claude is out. Lem will be reporting to me in this capacity. We wish Claude a speedy recovery and will keep employees apprised of the situation as needed. 
Tom Hogan”  

It is unusual to issue a public announcement just to say that a senior executive will be off sick for one working week and that he is being temporarily replaced by an US based executive.  Maybe Mr Czechowski really is sick. But coming so soon after Gerhard Fercho’s removal as Regional VP of Central Europe, it may signify a period of reflection or advance warning of another impending top level  “disappearing” at either CSC’s or  Czechowski’s instigation . 


Anonymous said...

Leadership Announcement from Tom Hogan

"I am announcing today that Claude Czechowski has decided to leave CSC."

Anonymous said...

yes that was announced today to the S&W region - confirmed