Friday, 9 November 2012

Italian Government criticises CSC's 'offensive behaviour'

CSC has completed the sale of much of its Italian business to Dedagroup, but has done it in a manner which has angered the Italian Government to the point that they have strongly criticized CSC’s lack of respect and consideration for Italy in a letter to CSC CEO Mike Lawrie and the CSC President for South and West Europe Claude Czechowski. 

According to the Italian business newspaper Key4Biz, CSC had agreed to meet with representatives of the Government and employee unions to discuss the consequences of the sale of its Italian business, especially in view of the possibility of the sale causing 500 job losses, before taking any final decisions.

However, despite this agreement, CSC proceeded with the sale without taking account the need to formally declare “a state of business emergency” and without recourse to mediation with the Government and the unions.

"In a letter of 3 July we asked for your willingness to discuss with us the consequences of your decision to sell the Italian branch of CSC - reads the letter to CSC signed by Giampietro Casano of the Department of Enterprise and internationalization. “After a meeting with your legal team we were informed CSC had not taken any decision regarding a potential buyer. Further we planned a meeting at our ministry with CSC and trade unions. On this occasion your legal team asked us to postpone the date of the meeting to ensure your participation”.
CSC did not turn up for the planned meeting. Instead on the same day they announced the sale of their Italian business to Dedagroup.

"Your behavior - concludes the letter by Giampietro Castano - is considered offensive and not in line with the behavior expected from a multinational company like CSC."

The Key4Biz article can be found at;

This episode does not show CSC in a good light; Once more CSC is giving the impression of arrogance towards the representatives of public interests.  But does any President in CSC from Lawrie downwards care what any government in Europe thinks of the company’s behaviour?


Anonymous said...

There are no longer any Presidents below Lawrie, only him. All others either received new titles or were asked to leave the company.

Anonymous said...

Mike Lawrie is a little kid that feels his needs intensely and strives ruthlessly to satisfy them.

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Anonymous said...

After a little digging around, I found that the Twitter accounts promoting fake paid-for news on #CSC and other channels are 95% fake.

You can tell because they're spamming channels with the same copy-and-paste nonsense.

Oh God. The hashtags and fake followers.

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