Sunday, 18 November 2012

CSC joins Starbucks, Google and Amazon in paying minimal UK tax on its profits

CSC Computer Sciences Corporation has paid just half a percent in tax on £1.5bn income it earned from the 10-year outsource deal it did with Royal Mail in 2003, Computer Weekly has revealed. 

The full article can be found on 

We note without any surprise that CSC was once more unavailable for comment on Computer Weekly’s article.  

CSC does not appear to care too much about its public image these days.  Before this story, its reputation had already been tarnished by its handling of the NHS IT project, its ambiguity in handling the allegations of involvement in torture, its attitude towards the Italian government and its treatment of employees it wants to unload. 

In the long run a company cannot succeed if it has lost the respect of governments, customers and employees. By why should CSC management care, as long as they have hit their bonuses, made a big profit on their stock options, sold the company and collected their money?

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Anonymous said...

That article from CW starts out in one direction, then it stalls and heads off in another direction with all concerned saying its not a problem.

Oh well.

As for CSC, the problem isn't even one of overseas operations not paying local taxes, if you read this link, they haven't even been paying them in the US of A:

But equally, they aren't alone in that.

Basically, every large MNC plays the same game - a legal one at that.

Morally wrong I'll give you though...