Wednesday, 28 November 2012

CSC Breaking News

News has reached us that Guy Hains, President International, previously head of CSC Europe and before that head of CSC UK, has joined the Disappearings. Was he pushed? Did he jump? Has it got anything to do with the fact that his flag ship ten year outsourcing deal with UK's Royal Mail has never made a profit? See this news link here at Computer Weekly.
Or is it anything to do with the major problems at CSC due to another Hains led flagship contract, this time at NHS.
Or even is it because the  County leadership of Cornwall in the UK has refused to approve an outsourcing contract with CSC? See link here:
Other 'Disappearings' at CSC now include Gawie Nienaber ex-Legal lead for Europe. Where has he gone and why?
What is going on?
CSC CEO Lawrie does have to crack a few eggs at CSC in order to turn it around but it seems the restructuring is being managed in a crude uncaring manner, with news of major benefit cuts and lay offs being handed out. But with senior execs, like Laphen picking up tens of million as he exited, getting massive rewards and payoffs, while junior workers are dumped on.
Final point the speculation o n CSC's involvement in 'Renderings' flights just will not go away. See this link as an example:  Human rights charity Reprieve has gathered documents that it says demonstrate CSC had been contracted to this and other illegal CIA renditions
Is CSC too toxic to touch?


Anonymous said...

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

How different things may have been for CSC and for many of its ex-employees if Hains had been terminated years ago:

Anonymous said...

The email announcing his departure was very polite and thanked Guy for his contribution to CSC, so it suggests he jumped or it was mutual.

Further drastic reductions in headcount are also openly discussed within CSC, maybe this time the useless, ineffective middle management and their cronies will pay the price for their years of failure, inability to manage and lack of any qualities to lead and inspire.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this, see link below, is why Hains left. NHS IT which was once CSC's single largest project, and one assumes cash cow, is now officially abandoned. Neither Hains nor his replacement have a job to do. Alos Hains is on record in 2010 stating the NHs It is a major auccess.

Anonymous said...

If CSC is capable of contracting with the CIA for human trafficking and torture for a few hundred-thousand dollars, then, I think, they are capable of anything.

What worries me is that standard CIA policy, when contracting with a private firm, is to get a list of all the contractor's employees, globally. Under the contract, this list is to be refreshed by the contractor at regular intervals and provided to the CIA; for a certain number of years.

Don't know if I'm paranoid, but I don't want my information to be stored by the CIA, indefinitely.