Tuesday, 19 June 2012

CSC waffles again, this time to regarding its role in torture and rendition.

Some weeks ago, see posting of 22nd May,  we reported the allegations made by Reprieve, a UK-based anti-torture charity, about CSC’s role in rendition flights to Guantanamo Bay.
Reprieve asked CSC to pledge zero tolerance for torture but CSC declined to make such a pledge. Instead they replied that “their corporate responsibility program fosters CSC's growth by promoting and increasing the value of the company to its shareholders”. It says nothing about torture and kidnap.

How CSC's reply answers Reprieve’s request escapes me.  It seems to have escaped Reprieve too. It sounds like Corporate waffle, something CSC is good at. 

It must put CSC employees in a potentially embarrassing position if asked by customers what the reply means.

You can get full details of Reprieve’s requests and CSC’s response on

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Lay off are starting this Friday and would continue every Friday for a while. Trying to stay under the radar.