Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Interesting comments about CSC from Computing Magazine

These comments from Computing Magazine say much about what has been going on in CSC. They refer to obfusaction around job reductions in the UK.
An extract follows:-

Martyn Hart, chair of the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), must rue the day he added his voice to the shouting match over CSC’s UK job cuts. First, he appeared to suggest that he thought the layoffs were a good thing. Several days later – after the fuss had died down – Hart said that, no, he didn’t think the cuts were a good thing after all: that was outrageous media spin.

.............Consider the evidence: the MoD's about to hand CSC £400m to look after squaddies' pensions and personnel files. Does that sound like an unhappy customer to you? OK, so the MoD deal is worth four times the cap on government IT spending. And, OK, so CSC has never signed Francis Maude's Memorandum of Understanding – unlike every other major supplier to the government. And, OK, Parliament's Public Accounts Committee said CSC shouldn't work for the government. And, OK, CSC wanted to do one third of the NHS Lorenzo work for two thirds of the original cost, doubling the cost of the remaining work. And, OK, NHS negotiations remain stalled, But, you know, details, details... It's not like it's an outrage or anything....................

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Anonymous said...

Just had confirmation in a broadcast email from Liz Benison that there will be no pay reviews and no bonuses for the third year running. With people like Christine Courtney (HR) running round telling everyone that CSC pays the market rate, and with offers flooding in from outside paying much more for certain skills, it seems someone's been drugging the senior management into believing they're going to have any workforce left to deliver at the MoD! Odd that the aforementioned individual doesn't believe it herself!