Wednesday, 9 May 2012

CSC makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. Yet again.

CSC can’t keep themselves out of the news headlines in the UK these days.  This time the allegations concern facilitating torture.

Below are extracts from an article run in the Guardian on May 6 2012

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), (..) is accused of helping to organise covert US government flights of terror suspects to Guantanamo Bay and other clandestine "black sites" around the world.

Reprieve, the legal human rights charity run by the British lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, alleges that during the flights, suspects – some of whom were later proved innocent – were "stripped, dressed in a diaper and tracksuit, goggles and earphones, and had their hands and feet shackled". Once delivered to the clandestine locations, they were subjected to beatings and sleep deprivation and forced into stress positions, a report from the International Committee of the Red Cross says.

CSC (…) has refused to comment on claims it was involved in rendition. It has also refused to sign a Reprieve pledge to "never knowingly facilitate torture" in the future……………….

…CSC's alleged involvement with rendition came about after it purchased DynCorp, which was involved in hundreds of prisoner transfer flights, in 2003. While CSC went on to sell DynCorp in 2005, Reprieve alleges that CSC continued to be involved in the supervision of rendition flights until the end of 2006………..

Reprieve's legal director, Cori Crider, said: "CSC evidently thinks it's fine to profit from kidnap and torture as long as their shareholders are happy…..”

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There have been allegations in the past about unsavoury activities of CSC’s DynCorp subsidiary, but Reprieve now claims  that CSC continued  its involvement with rendition flights after having sold DynCorp. Equally disturbing is CSC’s refusal to sign a pledge to “never knowingly facilitate torture” in the future.

Mike Lawrie expected to inherit financial performance issues when he took over as CSC’s Chief Executive.  He probably did not expect to get embroiled in allegations that CSC has facilitated torture.
Let us hope this is untrue as many CSC employees will feel tainted by what has been going on.

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