Friday, 27 April 2012

CSC Lions Have Begun To Roar

There are reports coming in, today Friday 27th April, of pickets outside CSC offices in the UK. This is the first time that such action has occured in CSC UK and is obviously a precursor to more serious action. 
Following on from the strikes last year in Denmark where staff felt they were being mistreated, which led the cancellation of many lucrative government contracts, is CSC likely to lose business in the UK too?
What is the UK government going to do to ensure CSC services to NHS and other accounts are reduced?
What contingencies does CSC have in its financial plans for the inevitable cost of strike action brought about by bullying and incompetent management?
What has CSC disclosed to the analysts and what has it withheld? Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

How can 300 redundancies announced in early April grow to 630 in just 3 weeks?

This suggests that Guy Hains was not waffling at the NHS Analyst conference.

He was either lying or doesn't know what he is doing. Or maybe both.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's not just him? The COO for the UK&I (Liz Benison) is making the cuts.

Anonymous said...

You mean the president for UK&I - she has just got promoted !!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should do some more background checks before making those kind of decisions. Make sure nothing "embarrassing" from previous recent history comes back to bite them...

Anonymous said...

Having just come back with the senior execs come back from a large off-site at The Belfry, it makes me wonder how many roles would have been saved from the proposed redundancies by NOT going to a huge offsite and spending thousands on facilities, booze, food, rooms and travel costs? Royal Pavilion has all the room and facilities needed.

It seems the execs would rather put their own enjoyment before staff job security!