Friday, 16 September 2011

Russ Owen President for Managed Services takes the blame at CSC

CSC has just announced that Russ Owen is the scapegoat for its Q1 profitability issue. See below announcement from Mike Laphen.

No doubt Owen must bear his share of the responsibility for CSC's problems, but he was in a difficult position given Mike Laphen's propensity for micro-meddling and his continual cancellation of investments in the Managed Services sector over the years.
Mike Laphen needed to divert attention from his major contribution to CSC's mess and this is what we see. .
It is unfortunate Mr Laphen felt the need to use the phrase  "Russ Owen will... step down" just to make sure everyone understands he has been fired from the job. Given Russ Owen's long service and all he has contributed to CSC, it would have been nice to have used a more elegant phrase. But elegance and dignified treatment of employees has never been something Mike Laphen has been noted for.

From: Mike Laphen - Chairman President and CEO
To: CSC Employees
Date: 16.09.2011 16:44
Subject: Leadership Change in Managed Services Sector

Today we announced that Russ Owen, who has led our Managed Services Sector (MSS), will step down as President of MSS, and assume the role of President, Strategic Account Development, effective immediately. In this capacity, Russ will focus on strengthening service performance and quality in specific accounts.

Peter Allen, in addition to leading Global Sales and Marketing, will assume the role of acting President of MSS, responsible for CSC’s Managed Services practices, including World Sourcing, Applications, Global Infrastructure and Enterprise Services, Market and Product Strategy, and Cloud and Software Services. As we advance CSC’s position in the global IT services market, MSS will play an important role by growing our applications business and ensuring service and delivery commitments and excellence.

Peter, who has also formerly served as group President of Strategy and Business Development for MSS, brings extensive expertise across the full spectrum of IT services. His intimate knowledge of our clients and the IT marketplace is a valuable asset as we bring greater innovation and competitive advantage to our accounts, and deliver on our profitability and growth goals.


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