Sunday, 18 September 2011

CSC Loses yet another Global President

If you read the CSC web site and look up the list of global management there is an interesting omission from the normal list of roles. The one that is missing is that of Corporate Vice President for HR. Until last month this role was held by Denise Peppard who seems to have vanished.  Why after just 16 months at CSC has Ms Peppard left? Why has not public statement been made about this loss of a very person at a very significant time for CSC? Did she jump? Was she pushed? Did she see the bullying and micro-management we have reported on, and gave up?

Given that earlier this month Russ Owen the President of MSS was removed from his post at CSC (see earlier post), and that Denise Peppard has ‘disappeared’ from CSC, have Stalinist type purges started at CSC?  Who is next?

As has been well established CSC has been mismanaged for years, with services being criticised across the globe, with significant figures like the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. David Cameron, saying they will not do business with the company. As profitability is in decline, the share price collapses, and staff complain about lack of  training and investment, see WikiCSCleaks blog, it is all looking rather like Stalin and his Politburo has taken over CSC. But Stalin never had to worry about investors and shareholders. However, they seem to be rallying and are about to make their presence felt.  Watch the news on 22nd September for latest developments when the Class Action suit is filed.

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Anonymous said...

Google says

"Ms. Denise M. Peppard has been appointed as Corporate Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer of Northrop Grumman Corp., effective Aug. 22, 2011. She has more than 20 years of business experience in the computer, pharmaceutical, biotech and financial services industries. She joins Northrop Grumman from CSC, where she was vice president and chief human resources officer. Prior to joining CSC....."

I guess she gave up ...