Wednesday, 25 August 2010

CSC Management leaving in droves - again

I see that CSC is going through another round of senior management leaving. In Scandinavia the leadership left a few months ago - they were drafted in from the UK to help - but were lambasted when they couldn't achieve un-achievable goals set by the US. So much for sensitivy to management development and helping those that help you.
Also Northern Europe, sees yet another change as the old leader leaves for HP after a short time in CSC.
Guy Hains who did lead all Europe is now sidelined to 'International' which I think is the bits that the countries don't want, ie they are troublesome accounts.
There's new management in Oz (where did the old management go), and the lead for Europe HR has also left. Rumour is that we can expect more senior Europe leads to bail out soon.
On top of that, Ken Archer's successor, has not sold a single deal in two years. NOTE: KA was the head of European Development, one of the most succesful sales organisations that CSC had which managed 20%+ growth year on year. But he left for the usual 'personal reasons'.
And analysts wonder why CSC can't grow. The answer must be that they can't hang on to talented management and have no relaistic compelling vision with plans to achieve it - hence also the declining customer relationships reflected in recent a poll where CSC came bottom by a wide margin.
Questions must be asked if CSC Global Management is capable of managing. On this evidence it isn't.

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