Friday, 21 August 2009

NHS Serious Staffing Problems

As mentioned many times by Cassandra, UK NHS is one of the biggest employers in the world. With that size comes a lot of bureaucracy which allows lots of hiding places for poor performance and bad people. This poor performance on the people front is evidenced by NHS UK's staff sickness rate (150% higher than the industrial sector), and an inability to develop its own people. Because it can't train enough of its own staff UK NHS is now the biggest importer of health care labour in the world. Thus the NHS imports more nurses than any other country, and more doctors and surgeons than any other country. In effect denuding poor countries of much needed skilled helath care staff. What a terrible accolade that is!
So, the United Kingdom, a country that considers itself to be in the leading ranks of civilised nations, with seats on the UN Security Council, and G8 along with many other other international bodies, preaches to others about probity and the rule of law, while it is using financial muscle to take away doctors and nurses from poorer countries like Nigeria, and India, leaving their populations with fewer health care staff for themselves. That is after these same countries have spent millions of dollars training them. In effect the UK NHS (and by implication the people of the UK) is subsidised by Nigeria and India and other poor nations.
However for the UK there is a down side of this arrangement in that the NHS because it does not vet people properly regularly hires under qualified people. Some if not caught early enough go on to cause real harm to patients. But that's not all. Due to the NHS's bad management of staff it is ironic that as a result the UK also holds the world record for the number of terrorists in any western organisation, ie the NHS. Please don't take this item as the mad ramblings of a right wing extremist. Read the news of who did the bombing across the UK and check out the bombers' employers. What a mess.

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