Saturday, 11 July 2009

Management Revolving Doors spin again at CSC

Whisper it quietly because no one is supposed to know but CSC's UK and Nordic leader has left the company after two years in post. He's gone to another IT services provider whose name is a set of intials too.
Shout it loudly, but only in French, Claude Czechowski, President CSC France and Italy, and elsewhere has announced in France, and no where else in CSC land, through his own publicity machine that he is now also Global Head of CSC's Consulting practises. Either he feels enboldened while the titular head of CSC Europe, who actually spends full time keeping NHS IT on the road, is in a weakened position or is CSC now a French company.
Doors spin again in Global Infrastructure Services - The head of CSC GIS EMEA has moved to Australia. His replacement will be the fourth person in this key leadership role in three years. In case readers are unclear; GIS runs all the datacentres and networks and delivers the outsourced operational services to all CSC clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The biggest client being UK's NHS.
It makes you wonder what the clients must think of this continuing turnover on key leadership positions!

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