Wednesday, 20 May 2009

BT and Global Services - Again, and again, and again

So BT have now reported a massive loss due to the complete shambles at Global Services. As in previous blogs I continue to maintain that BT will continue to be dragged down by GS. BT cannot and will never be able to manage the IT Services business as part of a telco for reasons previoulsy stated. Poor old Mr Livingston the new boss is lumbered. He's a decent enough type, but this is all outside his and his new team's experience. Watch for more losses in next quarter and more 'I didn't realise that....' type statements.
By the way, there's a thundering silence from NHS IT management who must be worried that one of the last two surviving contractors is in deep dooh dooh. Where do they go next for suppliers?

All Telcos that are trying IT Services are finding out their limits. Check out France and Orange Systems. It's the same story there. Contracts bid at rdiculous prices, delivery late, costs not managed, accounting systems inadequate, management systems inadequate, then more losses, bonuses paid out to the management and sales teams, tougher management brought in to fix it. But too late. Plus ca change..............

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