Friday, 27 March 2009

How Many More Mid Staffs around the UK?

It is now emerging that many whistle blowers went to various authorities over the years to report the disaster that is Mid Staffs NHS Trust. None of them were listened to. Nothing was done, and patients continued to die or suffer great pain. It was only when Central NHS saw the relative health care statistics produced over a period of years that somebody actually took notice and decided to investigate, and then take action. Thank goodness this was done – BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.
But why did it take so long to spot something so glaringly bad? I submit it is because there is not a proper scientific and business like management of health metrics service that regularly monitors what is going on in the NHS monolith. As a matter of urgency the NHS management together with its new IT management team must prepare systems of data gathering and metrics reporting at all levels of the service. There are health service benchmark software companies or Total Quality Management companies out there who can almost certainly provide a basis to build what is now being shown to a very crucial need for NHS and indeed the citizens of the UK. See blog posting on 11th Feb
The metrics should be more than just for finding out failures, their proper use has to be to learn about best practices and solutions, and to spread them across the NHS thereby driving out the need to look for failures as there won’t be any. If done correctly, in the right spirt with the right tools, there would in future be only places in the service where a business-as-usual tuning, or upgrades and improvements would be made to make health better for all. Now that’s something to look forward to.

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