Friday, 27 March 2009

Are NHS Hospital Group Managers and Governors Brown's Lemmings?

The news this week continues to report many failures in NHS and flaws in NPfIT that should worry us all. The latest includes The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust report on government data bases. This claims that many NHS databases among which are; Detailed Care Records, and CRS Secondary User Services, should be scrapped or redesigned. As mentioned in previous postings to this blog, insiders were reporting a long time ago that the design of the technology and the management procedures are fatally flawed leaving many openings for non-authorised users, usage, and corrupt records.

There is also the news that three NHS Trusts are not using all of NPfIT. In fact Rotherham has actually signed up for Meditech’s solution, while many others are sounding out McKesson’s, another IT solution which many of them already have, to see if they can extend the contracts. So there you have it. A solution where security is not good enough, data management is not good enough, and delays continual while some users are backing away from it and actively looking at extending the life of what they already have. Not bad for a £13bn spend is it?

What is astonishing; is that with so many problems with NPfIT across all Health Trusts,that so few trusts have chosen to exit the programme. The governors of these bodies should ask themselves why they are continuing with this disaster. Are they Brown Lemmings?

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