Sunday, 15 February 2009

Why The UK is short of Superbandwidth

Brown's Leadership self-delusions - Again
In 2003 Chancellor McBrown auctioned wireless bandwidth to the major Telco's who wanted to set up 3G mobile phone services. At the time McBrown thought he had got a good deal because the Telco's mortgaged their futures to the tune of £23bln. Unfortunately for them 3G has never really taken off and they have wasted most of the £23bln. Meanwhile McBrown has spent the £23bln. Now we hear that the UK is behind on installing megabandth width broadband and Wi Fi points in public places. This has to be due in part to the Telco's having mugged for £23bln and now being short of sufficient readies to invest in new services. Now guess what? McBrown has decided that through his visionary leadership new wi-fi and broadband capacity is needed and that he intend to make it happen. Is it too much to assume that if McBrown had not led the Telco's up the Primrose Path to 3G Auctions we might have had a decent broadband and wi-fi service for the UK already?

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